2005-2010 depersonalisation.

The paintings, sculptures and assemblages created between 2005 and 2010 deal with subject matter that dwells on psychological disturbance and confused bodily attachments to others. With interest in extreme behavioral themes of depersonalisation, voyeurism and disfunctional sexual attachments (often expressed through sexual behavior); these works are presented and defined purely by their visual intrigue and are deliberately unsupported by any form of explanatory text information beyond their title.


Andrew Litten artist painting

Mutual Bodies oil on board


Andrew Litten sculpture

Throat wire and coloured latex 2005 


Andrew Litten artist sculpture

Tally Men oil on assembled wood 100 x 110cm 2010


Andrew Litten assemblages

Score Men oil and silver enamel on wood 2007

andrew litten artist

Score Man oil on assembled wood 2007

litten mask painting artist

Muted 100 x 100 cm oil on board 2008



Andrew Litten art painting

Antagonist oil on board

andrew litten art

Preceding A Gender 2007

andrew litten painting

Two Way oil on board 2008





andrew litten artist

Two Sitters 2009



Andrew Litten painting

Male/ Female Automaton Couple (making gender specific hand gestures) mixed media and hair (gender specific) on board 2010




Sculpture Andrew Litten art artist

Fake nylon fabric wire and filler




Andrew Litten art artist

Man Mask nylon, filler and wire with silicone and colour 2006










andrew litten polaroid

Polaroids 1 2 3 oil on undeveloped polaroid 2006






















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