Being Together.

work 2010 – 2017. category : BEING TOGETHER : figure groups

on canvas, on perspex, with human hair, latex, epoxy clay, mixed media on paper, silicone



Andrew Litten artist painting on paper litton expressionist litten

Boy Versus Man mixed media on paper 100 x 70 cm 2016



Andrew Litten painting watercolour on paper

Dirty Hands acrylic on paper 2016

andrew litten artist on paper watercolour ventriloquist

Ventriloquist mixed media on paper 50 x 70 cm 20017


andrew litten artist

Ventriloquist oil on board 122 x 215 cm 2017

ventriloquist hands litten

Detail Image




andrew litten artist painting

Sexual Intercourse  oil on canvas 147 x 150 cm 2014

Andrew litten sculpture

sitting 3

Andrew litten sculpture


Andrew litten sculpture


















andrew litten paintings

detail image




Andrew Litten artist on paper painting

Liminal Stage mixed media on paper 100 x 70 cm 2016



andrew litten on paper

Liminal Stage 2 mixed media on paper 100 x 70 cm 2017



Andrew Litten Painting

Superseding mixed media with hair on board 2017







Andrew Litten painting on paper art artist

We Should Not Be Apart mixed media on paper 2016



















Andrew litten artist 240 x 120cm

Street Shrine oil on board 240 x 120 cm 2017



Being Together : other related images from archives


Category : Being Together. Link to related work : mid phase  2001 – 2008.


Andrew Litten painting

Mutual bodies Andrew Litten artist painting







Category : Being Together. Link to related work : mid early phase 1994-2000


litten painting artist


Category : Being Together. Link to related work : early phase 1989-94 Everyday Stuff

Go Away acrylic on wood

andrew litten early work


andrew litten early