Early Work 89-99 (everyday stuff).

andrew litten
New Walk Park, Leicester UK 1989







During the late 80’s I attended art college and found it a restricting and claustrophobic experience. With the dominance of conceptual art at the time, and the prominence of the then emerging shock art of the YBA’s; I became aware I was not suited to art college and it became the least creative time of my life. With the realisation that I was most creative in the evenings in the privacy of my own room, I decided to drop out of art education. I wanted to find my language in the domestic and the commonplace, away from what I felt was the ‘guarded’ impersonal language of high art.


andrew litten early painting

acrylic on wood pannels 120 x 200cm
















I traveled the UK with what money I had, looking for subjects: different streets, parks, different people, different places. I created on kitchen tables, in garden sheds, garages, attics, bedroom floors, and the cupboard under the stairs.

andrew litten early

Together Separately oil on food plates 20 cm diameter x 2

boy with dead arm

Boy With Dead Arm biro and acrylic on envelope












I became interested in challenging ideas of art elitism and disliked the motivation of art creation as a commodity. I was not interested in making what I was doing look contemporary, ambitious or aspirational and chose unartlike materials – note paper – cardboard boxes – envelopes with drawn on biro. A playful indulgence with impromptu imagery took hold. A process of uninhibited divergent thinking aided the creative free flow and resulted in many hundreds of works produced each year. It became important to find a free flowing dialogue between my life and my art. I felt it was important that I did not ‘police my thoughts’ and I wanted this phrase to resonate in the work.


andrew litten early art

Assault acrylic on cardboard 30 x 40 cm

andrew litten artist

Man Waving To Someone acrylic in cardboard box










I created well over 1000 works in the period between 1988-1999.



Andrew Litten early work

Future Adult mixed media on assembled wood with legs and casters 80 x 50 cm

andrew litten early

Self Aware 80 x 130 cm



andrew litten early work paintings

Widow 1992 165 x 45 cm




andrrew litten early

Man With Clock mixed media on furniture panel with added legs 185 x 46 cm

andrew litten assemblage

Leaving Home Again oil on assembled furniture parts




andrew litten early work

Domestic Fight mixed media on assembled furniture parts 75 x 51 cm

andrew litten

Flasher acrylic on shaped wood

Flasher was later exhibited in ‘Nudes’ exhibition 2003 which was reviewed in New York Times ( link )



andrew litten early found objects

Lady With Stick

andrew litten lamp

Cat At The Bottom Of The Stairs

andrew litten early

Life Room 2 mixed media on back of an old canvas



litten sculpture andrew

Leaving Home toy parts assembled









andrew litten art artist

Represented ink and oil pastel on old photograph 1991