Image Category 1 : Being Together : figure groups.

work 2015 – 2019. category : BEING TOGETHER : figure groups.



andrew litten artist painting

Ventriloquist oil on board 122 x 215 cm 2017

Ventriloquist I wanted the two figures to exist in an action/ reaction dialogue loop of behaviour. I was thinking about the ongoing adjustment of behaviour in relation to others that we all have to navigate. The painting is set around a domestic table to heighten the bond between the figures. Against a stark black psychological backdrop with an oblique ground, the bodies are fractured in their presence. I wanted to represent a sense of continual change in dynamics of relationships – a shifting voice. We all have to keep malleable, subtly mirroring each other in order to connect. Our behaviour can never be defiantly fixed, and adaptation is essential to wellbeing.


andrew litten artist on paper watercolour ventriloquist

Ventriloquist mixed media on paper 50 x 70 cm 2017




andrew litten sculpture artist

Couple (left – wax) (right – epoxy clay)



andrew litten artist painting

Couple  oil over acrylic on board 122 x 140 cm 2018


andrew litten

The Teritory 70 x 100 cm mixed media on paper

The Territory I wanted the houses to look sweet and humble like old rural dwellings, with a big open changing sky. The painting considers the indigenous UK landscape, the wider population away from the cities, and I was thinking a lot about all the turbulences highlighted via newspapers and other news outlets around national identity at the moment.




Andrew Litten artist painting on paper litton expressionist litten

Boy Versus Man mixed media on paper 62 x 50 cm 2016



andrew litten on paper

Liminal Stage 2 mixed media on paper 100 x 70 cm 2017



Andrew Litten Painting

Superseding mixed media with hair on board 2017



andrew litten artist painting

Sexual Intercourse oil on canvas 147 x 150 cm 2015




Image Category 1 : Being Together : Figure Groups