Exhibition 2018.


Exhibition 2018 at Anima Mundi


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Amima Mundi 2018



Andrew Litten

Anima Mundi 2018


andrew litten

Andrew Litten Anima Mundi

andrew litten anima mundi gallery


Anima-Mundi is delighted to present an ambitious solo exhibition of painting and sculpture by British artist, Andrew Litten (born 1970). Ordinary Bodies, Ordinary Bones, includes large-scale, gestural and impasto, oil painting shown alongside energetic works on paper and a handful of raw sculptural works, all made over the past three years. Each work emphatically casts light on the artists intense and introspective fascination with the universal mundanity and complexity of everyday existence acknowledging that life is made up of a paradoxical combination of deeply meaningful and utterly insignificant happenings and states of being. Themes such as isolation, addiction, love, sex, paranoia, empathy, fear and death are all visited and shared. Ordinary Bodies, Ordinary Bones is an exhibition full of tales, each challenging yet compelling, the combination creates an emphatic, universal tableau of the unguarded human condition.

andrew Litten

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