andrew litten artist painting

Protagonist oil on canvas

Protagonist is a painting about the sudden awareness that a ‘private’ painting has become a painting for ‘public viewing’, and the realisation that this painting is inadvertently a self-portrait that the artist never wanted to be shown. The creation of a protagonist – with a face that is facing the audience (aware of an audience and apprehensive about the reaction he is provoking) along with another face that is turned away from the audience (private and self-absorbed without any need to know about the reaction his image is provoking). The protagonist realises that expression and performance are getting confused in this moment of self-consciousness. It is as though his own personal comfy green sofa has become some sort of a stage prop that could be used by whoever may want to use it. He has two great big penises- one penis is for display purposes and the other penis is for private use – but they both look the same to most people.