2001-2006 Voices.

The visual works created between 2000 and 2006 consisted of various series of paintings and drawings relating  to hidden Internal Dialogues or the human ‘Inner Voice’.  The Internal Dialogues series offer sometimes paradoxical readings between the illusionistic surface image and  readings of  implied content. I wanted to assert the idea that the 2D image can be a deceitful conveyor of information; like a human face not telling the truth.

Internal Dialogues series (selected images)

The series of paintings titled Voices construct an introspective dialogue between the outline of a child image and an adult portrait image that fills it.  I wanted to represent the mystery and concealment of a persons private internal dialogue between their past childhood and their adult present. The paintings try to find a visual poetry that place the viewer in a position of prier.

Voices series (selected images)