this site documents paintings, sculpture, assemblages and digital images created within the last ten years.


+ archive pages (1986-2007) of early work from the age of 16 




Andrew Litten artist

Boy Versus Man

andrew Litten artist

Sudden Involuntary Chemical withdrawal

Andrew Litten painting on paper art artist

We Should Not Be Apart

sculpture andrew litten


dog breeder andrew litten anti art lime wharf

Dog Breeder

Andrew Litten artist sculpture

Future Adult ?

Andrew Litten painting artist perspex

Boy Not Wanting To Become A Man

Andrew Litten sculpture artist litton sculpture litten

At Home With His Unfinished Alonenes

Andrew Litten artist painting ID Smear


andrew litten on paper

Some Pissing Old Coger

andrew litten artist on paper watercolour ventriloquist

Ventriloquist (men)

 sculpture litten


Andrew Litten artist sculpture litton art litten

Man With Bib

andrew litten artist art painting

Arguing With His Broken Mind That Never Makes Sense

Andrew Litten sculpture art artiat sculptor


Andrew Litten artist cornwall painting litton litten


sculptures andrew litten

Nothing Left To Give

andrew litten artist painting

Sexual Intercourse

Sculpture Andrew Litten


Andrew Litten artist sculpture

Head Of A Dying Man

Andrew Litten artist painting cornwall litton litten

Boy Dressed As A Girl

Andrew Litten assemblage sculpture artist cornwall figurative

‘Father Hated Me’ He Frequently Says

Andrew Litten artist painting on paper painting

Liminal Stage

Andrew Litten art painting artist

Automaton Couple

Andrew Litten art painting artist paint

Dont Let Me Go










































































































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