2005- 2015. ID Smear

The paintings, sculptures and assemblages created between 2005 and 2015 deal with subject matter that dwells on psychological disturbance and confused bodily attachments to others. With interest in extreme behavioral themes of depersonalisation and dysfunctional sexual attachments; these works are presented and defined purely by their visual intrigue and are deliberately unsupported by any form of explanatory text information beyond their title.

Main Solo Exhibitions of this work

  • ‘Connect?’ solo exhibition Goldfish Fine Art, Penzance. UK
  • ‘Paintings’ solo exhibition Goldfish Fine Art, Penzance. UK
  • ‘ID Smear’ solo exhibition Millennium Gallery, St Ives. UK
  • ‘ID Smear’ solo exhibition Motorcade FlashParade. Bristol. UK
  • ‘I Wish You Ill And Hope You Suffer As Much As I Have’ solo exhibition Spike Island Test Space, Bristol. UK

Inner Voice

This series of paintings relating to hidden Internal Dialogues or the human ‘Inner Voice’. The Internal Dialogues series offer sometimes paradoxical readings between the illusionistic surface image and readings of implied content. I wanted to assert the idea that the 2D image can be a deceitful conveyor of information; like a human face not telling the truth.

Internal Dialogues series (selected images)

Voices series (selected images)

The series of paintings titled Voices construct an introspective dialogue between the outline of a child image and an adult portrait image that fills it. I wanted to represent the mystery and concealment of a persons private internal dialogue between their past childhood and their adult present. The paintings try to find a visual poetry that place the viewer in a position of prier.